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Welcome to Sugar free and Gluten free cooking classes in the Sunshine Coast

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Gluten Free & Sugar Free Cooking Classes in Kings beach

Wholesome Healthy Sugar-Free & Gluten-Free Baking & making Classes in Sunshine Coast!

Are you juggling work, family, and mind-body care while trying to maintain healthy diets and stave of the weight gain and allergies? This is definitely the class for you! Contact Reena if you would like to know more.

When you face dietary challenges mealtime can feel overwhelming. But what if we told you that you can still indulge in delectable cakes without compromising health or dietary needs?

 Delightful Gluten-Free Cakes

Living with intolerance shouldn’t mean missing out on the joys of baking. Discover delicious recipes that will make both you and your family’s taste buds dance with joy.

Sugar-Free Cakes!!

Managing health conditions or trying to reduce sugar? Dive into the world of natural sweeteners and learn to craft cakes that are both tempting and healthy.

Exploring Keto Diet Options?

Whether you’re on a Keto journey for weight loss or overall well-being, we’ve got scrumptious options tailored just for you.

Why Choose Our Cooking Classes?

  1. Expert Guidance: experienced in crafting gluten-free, sugar-free delights, we’ve got the secrets to perfect, healthy making & baking.
  2. Hands-On Learning (optional): Engage in practical sessions, interact with fellow Cakee Makers, and create magic right from your fingertips.
  3. Flexible Schedule: We understand your busy lives, so pick a date and lets find a suitable time. Prices & info Class Prices

Rediscover or discover the Love for Easy Baking!

Baking & making of sweet treats should be Easy therapeutic, joyous, and inclusive. And we are here to ensure just that. Take charge, get baking, and enjoy slices of happiness with every cake you make!

🌟 Book Your Spot Now! 🌟

Join a community of Cakee Makee who’re redefining baking, one healthy cake at a time.

This is the price and booking for 1–5 people; you can also inquire about your own date or place. More details: Class info & Prices

Booking &payment: 1. Choose your class. 2. Choose your provider, Reena. 3. Choose your time and date. 4. Scroll down and choose Skip Login. 4. Enter your phone number and email address. 5. Pay for the class.

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Carolyn Jackson

Really enjoyed the Sugar free baking & making class. Reena was an engaging host and the GF, sugar and dairy free three cakes we made were delicious. Look forward to more of her recipes.


Katie Boulter

Reena recently helped cater an event with some of her delicious baking. It was a hit all round with the cheesecake being the favorite. Would highly recommend her baking and classes to anyone wanting to enjoy gluten and sugar free treats that still taste really delicious