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Frequently asked questions about the class

Are used products organic?

I am using everyday products from Woolworths and Coles. Cacao powder and coconut flour are organic, however, the idea of this class is the simplicity and availability to everyone that is looking for a change, or bringing awareness to their life in terms getting healthier. If there is an audience, we might create a class with organic products that have a different price.

What kind of sweeteners are being used?

Natvia sweetener (erythritol and organic steviol glycosides), just because it works and doesn’t leave the after taste, tested on stevia sensitive people.

If you have a group of 5 we might find you a suitable date and time of your liking, inquire by phone or email.

What are the cakes made of?

Largely coconut products and almond flour, lactose free yogurt that can be substituted with coconut cream, Natvia, eggs, cashews, and cottage cheese. However, more of a coconut flour has been integrated to recipes to dim down the heaviness that almond flour sometimes creates.

Who is coming to the classes and who are these classes for?

Contributes to a fitness maniac or totally ignorant in terms of an active life. I have lived both, so I am more on the ignorant side now.

Are you a sweet tooth? You prefer to eat less sugar. You cannot have any sugar?

Are you trying to lose weight? You are trying to maintain health?

We have had in the class celiac, people on a Keto diet, sugar addicts on their weight loss journey and also someone that hasn’t been on a diet in their life but was looking for options for their guests.

Recipes are simple that you could use as your weekly prep food or you can fancy up with some decorations or sauces to serve to your guests. 4 hours, 3 recipes.

Lighter than Keto recipes, less fat has been used, no coconut oil.

Chocolate, Vanilla-lemon, and Coconut taste buds will be satisfied.