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Cook your own food and eat like a millionaire

Caramel slice
Caramel slice
Why cook your own food?
Or have I been asked why you wouldn’t sell your cakes?
Firstly, by learning to use a stick mixer, making 3 sweet treats as a food prep for the week or sweet treats for any occasion couldn’t be easier than what you’ll learn in my class, and you know what’s in it: coconut flour, almond meal, and some lactose-free dairy products if you wish. There are many cakes in the shops that have replaced almond flour, usually with something cheaper, to keep the price affordable, and they can’t get around from preservatives.
That takes us to the next question. Why wouldn’t I make cakes for sale? Think for a moment: almond flour is $23.75 per kg vs. $2 for wheat flour; stevia is $20.45 per kg; and sugar is $2. Then think of the cake slice; the average price is $7. What would be the price of the cake that you learn to make?
So, why make your own food? because you’re actually eating like a millionaire and treating your body with respect by putting it some clean food.
Health is your wealth! 🍓

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